Our Dishes may contain: gluten, crustaceans, molluscs, eggs, fish, peanuts, nuts, soybeans, dairy, celery, mustard, sesame seed, lupin and sulphur dioxide. If you are allergic to certain ingredients please notify our staff before ordering.



The Dine in Menu

The success of any restaurant is based on consistency, we have maintained this with a Food Hygiene rating of 5 stars since 2011, unique to the Wyre Forest Area and a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence since 2014.

Our Menu is one of the best created with a selection of choices for all.

Pre Starters
  • Plain or Spicy Popadom £0.85
  • Individual Pickles £0.70

    Mango Chutney (sweet), Mint Sauce@, Mixed Pickle (hot), Onion Salad.

  • Pickle Tray per Person – (Restaurant) £0.70

    Pickle Tray per Person – (Restaurant) Mint Sauce@, Mango Chutney (sweet), MixedPickle (hot) & Onion Salad.

  • Selection of Pickles – (Takeaway) £2.45

    Includes: Mint Sauce , Mango Chutney (sweet), Mixed Pickle (hot) & Onion Salad.

Café Masala Signature Dishes 1

All the Café Masala Signature dishes 1 & Café Masala Classic dishes can be prepared with any of  Following:

  • Quorn £8.45
  • Prawn £8.45
  • Vegetable £7.65
  • Duck £9.85
  • King Prawn £12.95
  • Chicken Tikka £8.45
  • Lamb Tikka £9.30

Aqib - Shahi - Dhaniya

Coriander Lovers Dish, medium curry that punches with flavor, fusing Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka with lashings of coriander cooked to a Bhuna style.

Silsila of Bombay

Chicken Tikka & Lamb Tikka In a traditional bhunestyie, medium spiced sauce with fresh tomatoes, coriander to chefs own recipe.

Naveed - Jal - Rushon - Mirchi

A garlic Lovers Paradise, Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with green peppers, onions & fresh garlic, fairly hot.

Iqra - Mughal - E - Azam

Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with fresh tomatoes, green peppers & crispy onion in a combination of medium spices.


Marinated strips of chicken tikka or lamb tikka cooked medium strength with onion and bel peppers together with mixed spices, tomatoes and fresh coriander, served in a sizzler dish.


A chicken tikka or lamb tikka dish cooked with lots of fired onion capsicum, tomatoes fresh coriander and marinated in ground spices. A true taste of jalpuri

Takia - Naga - Bahar

Using the finest naga pickle renowned as one of the hottest chilies in existence, we create on aromatic dish only for spice lovers served with marinated chicken tikka of lamb tikka

Tok - Misti - Jhal

A true mediey sweet & sour dish, slightly hot, a truly mind blowing dish. Chicken tikka or lamb tikka cocked with garlic, onion, tomato, chili and fresh lemon juice wh fresh coriander.


A true taste of Bangladesh of marinated chicken tikka or lambtikka cooked medium strength with onion, capsicum, tomato, lemon zest and fresh coriander.


Marinated chicken tikka or lamb tikka cooked medium stength with onion, garlic, capsicum and mix of pickles (Achar) in a sightly tangy sauce.

Garlic - Cheesy - Tikka - Bhuna

A chicken tikka or lamb tikka slightly hot dish cooked with garlic, cheese onion, tomato, capsicum and chili powder.

Mirchi - Murgh - Masala (3M)

A fairly hot dish of chicken tikka or lamb tikka cooked in a bhuna style sauce with a touch of chill powder colander and green chills. This is a very popular dish know as 3M

Jamila - Rushon - Mirchi

A mouth watering dish of chicken tikka or lamb tikka, garlic fried to give the full flavor of the dish with spinach and fresh green chilies. Cooked fairly hot, with mixed spices, onion, tomatoes, capsicum and garnished with fresh coriander.If you like the Mirchi Masala known as 3M then this dish is not to be missed.

Café Masala Classics

Chapa Korma

A Korma with a hot taste! Based on the classical Mughal cuisine chicken or kamb and morinated in on assortment of spices and cooked in a delicately flavoured cream sauce with chilies, cashew nuts, ground almonds, fennel & touch of garlic.


Nomed after the first Govemor of India who said this was his fovourite dish A medium het dish of chicken cr lamb cooked wih dry cronberies and special dry spices.

Anika - Ka - Pasand

A hot and spicy chicken or lamb dish prepared with turmeric, curnin, conander and fresh green chillies.

Pasand - Ka - Abid

Pieces of chicken of lamb cooked in a mild sauce with ground pistachio and almond, a touch of youghurt ond mango pulp and topped with cronbenies.

Murgh - Aloo - Chole

Chicken with potatoes and chickpeas in a medium strength sauce with tomatoes, capsicum and onion, Garnished with fresh coriander.

House Special
  • Chicken Tikka Masala £7.80

    Marinated chicken tikka cooked in mild Masala sauce with fresh spices.

  • Lamb Tikka Masala £8.75

    Marinated lamb tikka cooked in mild masala sauce with fresh spices.

  • Quoin Masala £7.80

    Marinated Quoin , cooked in mild masala sauce with fresh spices.

  • Vegetable Masala £7.30

    Marinated mixed vegetables cooked in mid masaka sauce with fresh spices.

  • Tandoori King Prawn Masala £12.45

    King prawn roasted over charcoal cooked in mild spices, cream and butter.

  • Harsh Tikka Masala ( Duck ) £9.30

    Sliced duck marinated in mild masala sauce with fresh spices.

  • Butter Chicken £7.80

    Chicken tikka cooked in butter with ground almonds in a mild creamy sauce.

  • Pasanda (Lamb) £8.75

    Sliced lamb tikka or chicken tikka cooked in yoghurt mild spices, mixed ground nuts and fresh cream.

  • Pasanda (Chicken ) £7.80

    Sliced lamb tikka or chicken tikka cooked in yoghurt mild spices, mixed ground nuts and fresh cream.

  • Chicken Makhani £7.80

    Places of tandoori chicken, delicately spices. Cooked in butter with fresh cream with ground almonds and nuts.

  • Palkhi - Raj £10.80

    Chicken & lamb tikka plus tandoori chicken In a thick sauce with a touch of tamarind, fresh tomatoes, capsicum, colander and green herbs. Accompanied with a green salad.

  • Shahi - Khana £11.80

    Chicken, lamb and prawn cooked with Basmati rice, with pineapple and green salad. Served with a special vegetable curry sauce.

  • Torsa - Hara - Masala ( Chicken / Lamb ) £10.95 / £11.80

    Highly flavored Goan dish of chicken lamb tikka, cocked ‘Bhuna’ style, A medium hot dish with fresh ginger and fresh ginger leaves to add an aromatic taste, Served with Palau Rice & green salad.

  • Keya - Mojadar - Akbari £9.95

    A meat lovers paradise of tandoori chicken off the bone with minced meat, a sliced boiled egg all combined and cooked in a hot mix of Indian spices, fresh garlic, onion, capsicum, garnished with colander & served with a green salad,

  • Jabid - Ka - Jalfrezi, ( Chicken / Lamb) £9.95 / £10.80

    A fairly hot dish cooked with Café masala's special blend of spices. Chicken tikka of lamb tikka cooked with fresh green chilies, onion, tomatoes, capsicum and served with a green salad,

Traditional Curries
  • Chicken £6.75
  • Lamb £7.65

    (We. only use premium lamb not mutton)

  • Prawn £7.65
  • Mixed Vegetable £6.35
  • King Prawn £10.95
  • Chicken Tikka £7.65
  • Lamb Tikka £8.60

    (we use only premium Lamb not mutton)

  • Quorn £7.65

Biryani Dishes

These Mogul! dishes combine your choice of Chicken, Lamb, Prawn, King Prawn or
Vegetables with fragrant Basmoti rice & sight spices. Served with a mixed vegetable curry.

  • Chicken Biryani £8.15
  • Lamb Biryani £9.10

    (We. only use premium lamb not mutton)

  • Prawn Biryani £9.10
  • Quorm Biryani £9.10
  • Vegetable Biryani £7.65
  • Mushroom Biryani £7.65
  • Chicken Tikka Biryan £9.10
  • Lamb Tikka Biryani £9.95

    (we use only premium Lamb not mutton)

  • Special Biryani (Chicken, Prawn & Lamb) £10.25

    (we use only premium Lamb not mutton)

  • King Prawn Biryani £11.95

Balti Dishes

Our Balti dishes are cooked with special spices and served in Balti dish with fresh tomatoes & coriander.

  • Chicken Tikka Masala Balt £8.10
  • Chicken Balti £6.90

  • Chicken Tikka Batti £7.80
  • Lamb Balti £7.80

  • Lamb Tikka Balti £8.75
  • Prawn Balti £7.80
  • King Prawn Balti £11.45
  • Special Balti Chicken, Prawn & Lamb £9.30

    (we use only premium Lamb not mutton)

  • Vegetable Masala Balti £7.30
  • Mixed Vegetable Balt £6.75

  • Chana Mushroom Balti £7.30

  • Mushroom Balti £6.75

  • Sag Aloo Balti £7.30

  • Quom Balti £7.80

  • Keema Aloo Balti (Minced Moat & Potatoes) £7.80

Extras or additional spices

Can be added to any dish Chana (Chickpeas), Sag (Spinach), Aloo (Potatoes),Bindi (Okra), Begun (Aubergine), Mushroom, Fresh
Green Chillies, Coriander, Tomatoes, Garlic

  • Madras or Vindaloo Strength £0.60

    Can be applied to most dishes

English Dishes

Served with green salad.

  • Scampi & Chips £7.90
  • Chicken Omelette & Chips £7.90
  • Mushroom Omelette son £7.30
  • Chips £2.45
  • French Fries £2.95
  • Masala Chips (Spicy) £2.95
Children's Menu

Taking a Set Meal Save £4 per person.

  • Kids Chicken Tikka Masala with plain Rice or Chips £6.75
  • Kids Chicken Korma with Pilau Rice or Chips £6.00
  • Kids Chicken Tikka with Pilau Rice or Chips £6.00
  • Kids Chicken Nuggets & Chips £6.00
  • Kids Scampi & Chips £6.00
  • Kids Fish Fingers & Chips £6.00
Set Meal Recommendations

Served with green salad.

  • SET MEAL For 2 Person £16.45 / per person

    - 2 x proadoms & Chutnerys.
    - Starters 1 x Chicken Tikka, 1 x Onion Bahji
    - Mains 1 x Chicken Tikka Masala, 1 x jaipuri.
    - Side 1 x Nira Mish, 1 x Pilau rice, 1 x Keema Nan or 1 x Peshwari Nan
    - 2 x Coffees or 2 x Kulfis ( Indian Ice Cream ).

  • SET MEAL For 2 Person £16.45 / per person

    - 4 x Poadoms & Chutnerys.
    - Starters 2 x Chicken Tikka, 2 x Sheekh kebab.
    - Mains 1 x Tok-Misti-Jhal, 1 x Sakila-Rushon-Bahar, 1 x Garlic Cheese Tikka Bhuna, 1 x Chicken Tikka Masala.
    - Side 1 x Nira Mish, 1 x Garlic Potatoes, 2 x Pilau Rice, 2 x Keema Nan or 2 x Peshwari Nan.
    - 4 x Coffees or 4 x Kulfis ( Indian Ice Cream ).

Vegetable Sides
  • Chiotii £3.65

    Cabbage cocked in butter with peppercom seeds & paunch phoron

  • Nira Mish £3.65

    Dry mix vegetables, hot & spicy

  • Bendi bhaji £3.45

  • Masala Potato £3.65

  • Mushroom Bhaji £3.45

    Spiced mushrooms.

  • Tarka Daal £3.45

    Lentis with tied garlic.

  • Begun Bhaji £3.45

    Spiced aubergine.

  • Sag Paneer £3.65

    Cottage cheese‘tied with spinach.

  • Sag Bhaji £3.45

    Spiced spinach

  • Mottor Panner £3.65

    Pesos cocked with cottage cheese.

  • Sabji Bhaji £3.65

    Special mixed vegetables.

  • Paneer Chana £3.65

    Cottage cheese & chickpeas

  • Chana Bhaji £3.45

    Spiced chickpeas.

  • Garlic Potato £3.65

    Spiced potato with fired garlic

  • Cauliflower Bhaji £3.45

    Spiced caulfiower

  • Garlic Mushroom £3.65

    Spiced mushrooom with fired garlic

  • Aloo Gobi £3.65

    Spiced potato & cauliflower.

  • Bombay Aloo £3.45

    Spiced spinach & potato

  • Sag Aloo £3.65

    Spiced spinach & potato

  • Masala or korma Sauce £3.65

  • Green Salad £2.15

    Onion, cucumber, lettuce, tomato & peas

  • Raita Onion or Cucumber £2.15

  • Boiled Rice £2.45

  • Pilau Rice £2.65

  • Fried rice £2.65

  • Lemon Fried Rice £2.95

  • Special Pilau Rice (Fried) £3.60

    Eggs, peas, onions & spices.

  • Mushroom Pilau Rice (Fried) £2.95

  • Egg Fried Ric £2.95

  • Keema Pilau Rice (Fried) With minced meat. £3.60

  • Vegetable pilau Rice ( fried ) £2.95

  • Garlic & Spinach Fried Rice £3.95

  • Nan £2.45

  • Mushroom Nan £2.95

  • Keema Nan Mince meat £2.95

  • Garlic Nan £2.95

  • Peshwari Nan £2.95

    Coconut, almonds& sultans.

  • Cheesy Nan £2.95

  • Garlic & Chilli Nan £3.60

  • Keema & Chilli Nan £3.60

  • Garlic & Coriander Nan £3.60

  • Chapoati £1.65

    Griddle cooked unleavened flat bread.

  • Tandoori Roti £2.15

    Like chapatti but Cooked in clay oven

  • Paratha £2.15

    Soft, Flaky, Griddles Flat bread